Soccer Shirts Are New Collectors Items

In the old days people used to collect stamps, toy cars, autographs etc. but now soccer kits are becoming a favourite with many as collectors items. Soccer jerseys are one of the most sold sportswear items in the world but with the growing availability of different team and nationality shirts available they are becoming something that soccer fans want to collect and accumulate.

The growth of the internet and shopping online has opened up a whole new market place for soccer shirts. Before the growth of online shopping many soccer shirts just weren’t available from anywhere other than the country the team was from, whereas now you can get soccer tops from any country in the world delivered directly to your door with only the click of a button. This has opened up the soccer jersey collectors market to a whole new range of shirts.


What Makes Supporters Collect Soccer Jerseys?

Every soccer fan has a club that they support and follow but many will not just watch their own team or club but follow soccer worldwide which makes soccer shirts even more collectable. With soccer shirt printing available for their favourite players having the top stars names printed on the backs of the soccer jerseys is another aspect of soccer jerseys that make them appealing as a collectable and it opens up another branch of not just collecting shirts but collecting players.

What Makes A Particular Soccer Jersey Collectable?

There are a lot of factors that make a soccer shirt collectable from it just being a rare team to a particular player playing for that team. The most common reason for a shirt becoming a true collectors item though is if the year the soccer shirt was worn was a significant one for the club or country. If the team won promotion, the league, the Champions League, League Cup, World Cup, European Championship or the African Nations Cup for example then the shirt would be more sought after and more likely to be a collectors item. For example the Spain Euro 2008 shirt will be a collectors item because they won the tournament as will the Barcelona 08-09 as they won La Liga, the Champions League and the league cup the first time a Spanish team has done this.


Another thing that makes a shirt collectable is the design. A lot of teams have very similar designs year after year but if the clubs or countries decide to go wild and change their soccer jersey design from the norm then this can make the shirt sought after and collectable. Away soccer jerseys tend to change more than the home shirts with the most bizarre colours being available at times.

Collecting soccer jerseys is something that is definitely on the increase as the game becomes even more global. The availability online of a wide range of soccer shirts makes being a collector that little bit more straight forward, though at times it can still be a challenge to get some of the rarer and older shirts you are looking for.

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